Press Release

Quortus today announced that its EdgeCentrix (ECX) technology is deployed at a global scale to enable the Global Mobile Services Platform of Swiss mobile service provider Telecom26 AG. Telecom26 provides customers with “anywhere-you-go” access to over 700 global networks with no need to swap SIM cards and near real-time reporting and control of mobile services.

Telecom26 enables global enterprises to manage their mobile subscriptions in a similar way to MVNOs. The company offers a highly differentiated solution for corporate users that goes far beyond what can be offered by a single MNO. ECX technology plays a key role in enabling that shift, providing the underlying network intelligence that makes these services possible.

The Telecom26 Mobile Services Platform combines security, mobility, and global connectivity into a single powerful system that is used by subscribers around the world. The Global Mobile Services Platform is designed to provide control of subscriber subscriptions, mobile services, and SIMs roaming worldwide.

“Our work with Telecom26 demonstrates the scalability of Quortus’ ECX technology, allowing it to support mobile operator networks globally,” said Andy Odgers, Quortus CEO. “We are delighted to be providing key components for such an innovative, forward-thinking network platform, enabling all out-roaming for subscribers via different partners in over 99% of countries worldwide.”

Michael Ashdown, Telecom26 CEO, commented: “Virtualization is changing the way in which telecommunication networks are deployed. Quortus’ ECX technology allows us, as a network operator, greater agility to rapidly deploy increased functionality using standard hardware. We’re impressed with Quortus’ ability to support us in tailoring a solution to our specific requirements, allowing us to develop services that benefit our customers wherever they are in the world.”

Telecom26’s offering consists of a fully integrated legacy core network and EPC providing GSM, 3G and LTE services. Through a set of APIs and a web interface, subscriptions and mobile services are entirely manageable. In addition, online and offline charging functions provide near real-time reporting and control of mobile services. The platform is designed to provide solutions for MNOs, MVNE/MVNOs, enterprises, and VAS Mobile Service Providers. It is designed to integrate into mobile networks and solutions to enhance and augment existing mobile service offerings.

Quortus’ ECX technology distils core network functionality into software. It not only reduces the cost of network deployments, but also is scalable and flexible enough to allow core intelligence to be placed where it is needed most. It is deployment-proven in a range of settings including enterprises and remote locations, on both public and private networks.