Press Release

RadiusPoint, the leading technology and energy expense management provider, announces an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI), on average of 587% for their clients for the entire year of 2018. The ROI is researched and verified against the weekly and quarterly Exception reports that are created from a monthly audit of each invoice.

ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software, is able to audit vendor invoices on a monthly basis. ExpenseLogic provides a line item audit encompassing services for telecom (including landlines, data circuits, and wireless services), as well as energy, (gas, trash, and water, electric services).

RadiusPoint provides a Quarterly report to allow our Clients to view the actual costs avoided and the credits that have been placed on the invoices or refunds that have been reimbursed by check. The credits are verified by viewing a subsequent invoice to determine if the credit has been given. Additionally, RadiusPoint provides the actual number of invoices processed to allow the Client to see what expenses are being saved by using RadiusPoint’s Invoice Processing services.

Categories Included in each report:

Cost Identified & Canceled – This section represents incorrect charges billed by the vendor that are identified through the ExpenseLogic software.

Cost Identified Billing Outside of limits – This category represents additional or incorrect charges that appear on the invoice which could be a result of a new service added by the location or the vendor.

Errors Identified & Credited – This category represents incorrect charges that were placed on the invoice by the vendor.

Errors Identified & Removed – This category represents incorrect charges that were placed on the invoice by the vendor.

For Your Information – This category represents charges that are reported to the Client for services that have increased over a specific limit.

Their team of Billing Analyst research each line item included on these reports with a proactive approach in resolving the disputes. As long as the telecom and utility vendors provide invoices, there will be errors and RadiusPoint’s team uses proven processes of identifying these systemic billing errors.

When errors are identified and reconciled with the vendor, a credit or refund situation is created, therefore avoiding future costs for those same charges. These charges are detailed and reported to the client when the credit on the invoices appears, or when the refund check is received. These activities impact the clients’ bottom line and ensure a positive ROI.

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