Press Release

Radware, a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, announced that its Alteon NG Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Virtual Appliance (VA) is available on Microsoft Azure to enterprises that need to incorporate an application delivery solutions in their cloud deployment. It now comes with integrated migration tools that make cloud migration simple and easy to execute.

Radware’s Alteon NG VA for Azure enables organisations to run applications across private and public cloud infrastructures, while improving overall quality of experience (QoE) for users accessing business applications through its load balancing and traffic management capabilities.

Radware’s Alteon VA provides outstanding agility, a superior footprint-to-performance ratio, and next-generation ADC functionality, which allows IT administrators to fully use their application deployment on Azure. Alteon NG VA for Azure supports the complex functional requirements of enterprise applications, from Layer 7 rewrites to SSL offloading to web application security.

Organisations can now move ADC services back and forth between their private data centre and the cloud in a few clicks. Using Radware’s vDirect automation suite, IT administrators can automate transition calls, regardless of where the ADC resides—their private data centre, Azure, or another cloud solution—and easily transfer them back and forth from one environment to another.

“The integrated migration tool adds to the value of cloud based ADC,” said Daniel Lakier, vice president of ADC at Radware. “Alteon NG VA for Microsoft Azure supplements the enterprise application lifecycle, enabling organisations to grow and shrink their application infrastructure capacity on demand. Working under a pay-as-you-go structure helps organisations optimise their initial investment and their on-going operational costs.”

In addition, Alteon NG VA for Azure monitors the application performance and user experience, enabling full control over application delivery service level assurances (SLAs) that cloud deployments provide. Its embedded web application firewall (WAF) and state-of-the-art application acceleration ensure that the application remains fast and secure on Azure.

“We’re pleased to make Radware’s Alteon NG Virtual Appliance available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to help customers improve performance for business applications,” said Andrea Carl, director, Commercial Communications at Microsoft Corp. “The ability to easily transfer ADC services between datacentre and the cloud makes it easier than ever for organisations to outfit their cloud environment with solutions that meet their business needs.”

Radware’s solution maintains agility across private data centres and different cloud environments by combining functional parity across all of its ADC form factors together with automation tools. Through automation, organisations gain instant ADC service portability across environments and can simplify all ADC lifecycle management tasks down to the click of a button.

Alteon NG VA for Azure is available via a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model using a simple activation process in the Azure Marketplace.