Press Release

Rakuten, Inc. (TSE: 4755), today announced the rebranding of Rakuten Aquafadas as Rakuten DX, expanding its area of expertise to deliver premium digital experience services that transform the way businesses engage audiences. As the industry gears up for a predicted 500 million new digital applications over the next few years*, Rakuten DX is perfectly positioned to meet this demand at scale.

Rakuten DX offers technologies and services to develop innovative mobile apps, supporting businesses in maximising their users’ engagement. Services include Digital Booster, Creative Thinking and Co-Innovation. They support marketers in their digital journey, from creative guidance at the initial stage to the development of a mobile app, bringing their vision to life. Rakuten DX is the latest service to join the Rakuten Ecosystem, adding strength to the 70+ businesses that bring value to enterprises.

“With the upcoming “new normal”, we are expecting a transformation in mobile usage, as enterprises rethink their business models. This is exciting news for us since Rakuten is offering creative digital experiences,” said Olivier Alluis, CEO of Rakuten DX. “Our objective is simple: we want to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s business growth.”

Rakuten DX, has a proven track of successful mobile apps delivery, including Davis Cup Finals by Rakuten (Kosmos Tennis) and Books for Kids (ViacomCBS). The newly formed company, headquartered in Montpellier, France, is the result of combining the two strong and complementary worlds of Rakuten, Inc. and former start-up Aquafadas, acquired by the group in 2012. It offers fourteen years of creating best-in-class premium apps and digital services across a whole range of sectors. Rakuten DX mixes technology, passion, and creativity to deliver premium digital experiences at speed.

“Today is a very important milestone for my team. Over the next six months, we will be working hard to keep developing high-value services for enterprises of all sizes. Rakuten DX will give our clients a competitive edge, leveraging the Rakuten Group’s knowledge and experience across e-commerce, finance, telco, sport, and entertainment”, continues Alluis.

*IDC, IDC FutureScape Outlines the Impact "Digital Supremacy" Will Have on Enterprise Transformation and the IT Industry