Press Release

Red Sift, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, has introduced the first automated email security bot for its OnDMARC email authentication and security solution, which dramatically shortens deployment time and enables organisations to quickly realise the benefits of DMARC in blocking malicious emails and reducing spam.

The new intelligent bot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide users through the process of securing their email domain, step-by-step. Built for Slack, a free cloud collaboration tool, the bot allows users to key in questions in non-technical language to help them set up the OnDMARC solution intuitively. The bot continues to monitor the user’s email domain, alerting users when any unusual activity occurs after implementation is complete, and automatically generates daily and weekly compliance and action reports on how the domain is being used. Users can also interact with the bot to get best practice actions and suggestions on protecting their email.

Red Sift CEO, Rahul Powar said: “With the new bot for OnDMARC, we are helping organisations to deploy DMARC to robustly protect their email easily and quickly, without needing in-depth cybersecurity expertise or costly external consultancy services. It also allows companies to self-manage their implementation intuitively. We are committed to simplifying the process of using DMARC to secure email, and the self-service approach enabled by the new bot is a key step forward in this.”

DMARC is a robust but complex security protocol for protecting email, and Red Sift’s OnDMARC solution enables users to quickly and easily deploy DMARC to block phishing attacks, increase deliverability of authorised emails and protect their brand. DMARC protection ensures that only trustworthy sources can send email on behalf of your business; it also discourages cyber criminals from targeting a business that has a DMARC record.

The OnDMARC solution requires no cybersecurity expertise and makes the setup and maintenance of a DMARC policy quick and simple. It uses AI to classify reports that are sent to the domain owner, identifying unauthorised email traffic and actively blocking phishing attempts, while increasing the deliverability of authorised emails.