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The PSTN switch-off is a threat to 2.4 million UK businesses that still depend on PSTN services. That’s 42% of SMEs and 33% of large enterprises.

And while BT has named December 2025 as the final deadline, they’ve already started switching off PSTN services at some exchanges.

It’s a big risk for businesses who rely on it for primary connectivity, voice solutions, security systems, and more.

And for channel partners, wholesale line rental won’t be an option anymore. Plus, any ADSL contracts right now need to be renewed with caution: signing now will lock partners in until the PSTN switch-off itself, which leaves very little time to migrate.

The switch-off is a big problem—but IoT and mobile connectivity provider Pangea says channel partners can save the day (and make serious revenue doing it) by migrating customers ahead of time, with intelligent mobile data.

Right now, Pangea’s partners are using intelligent mobile data to help customers and win opportunities like:

– Helping a major government body migrate 4,500 street furniture endpoints from the PSTN (and walking away with £2.8m in revenue)

– Future-proofing 10,000 cash machines by moving them from the PSTN to 4G mobile L2TP, with the same IP range and 100% uptime (winning them £2.9m in revenue)

– Connecting door buzzers, intercoms, access controls, and security barriers in residential flat complexes. The UK security system industry is worth £1.5bn, largely made up of IoT devices that rely on the PSTN.

– Equipping lifts with 4G connectivity for emergency phone lines. With 250k goods and passenger lifts in the UK using the PSTN for emergency calls, telematics data, and predictive maintenance, there are plenty of businesses that need help here.

– Alarm connectivity for high street shops and banks. Openreach says there are over 1 million alarms that need to be migrated from the PSTN, with intelligent mobile data being the obvious choice for connectivity.

Don’t renew that ADSL contract—and don’t settle for SoGEA, says Pangea MD

‘Renewing ADSL contracts now is like tying yourself to a sinking ship. You’ll be locked down until the PSTN switches off and takes your solutions down with it,’ said Pangea’s MD Dan Cunliffe. ‘And relying on SoGEA (BT’s replacement service) is no better. You’ll be stuck on sub-standard connectivity until a better option comes along, while paying higher rates for worse service.’

‘If you’re after reliable connectivity that isn’t a doomed telephone line from the 1800s or a hastily-made patchwork replacement, intelligent mobile data has you covered. It’s far easier and quicker to deploy. It’s resilient, so your solutions stay up in outages. And its speeds blow ADSL and SoGEA out of the water, while costing you even less. Peace of mind for your customers, and profits for you.’

Help your customers now and reap the rewards

The PSTN might be a big threat, but it’s an even bigger opportunity for channel partners to open mobile data revenue streams and future-proof their business. Customers are relying on channel partners for help here, so speed is key; partners should act now to secure peace-of-mind for customers, and profits for themselves.

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