India is still seeing rapid growth in data consumption levels, as subscribers in the world’s second biggest telecoms market place continue to take advantage of rock bottom data prices

Reliance Industries’ chairman, Mukesh Ambani, has said that he expects India to be ready to rollout full 5G services by the year 2020.

Ambani told the Economic Times of India that exponential growth in the average data consumption of Indian subscribers was highlighting the need for the country to begin its rollout of next generation networks.

“India has moved from 155th rank in mobile broadband penetration to being the number 1 nation in mobile data consumption in the world… in less than two years. This is the fastest transition anywhere in the world from 2G/3G to 4G,” said Ambani.

Reliance Induistries’ telecoms arm, Reliance Jio, has seen the quickest growth in data consumption levels, since its inception in 2016, thanks mainly to its ultra low cost data tariffs that have sparked a price war between telcos on the sub-continent.

“By 2020, I believe that India will be a fully-4G country and ready for 5G ahead of others,” Ambani added at the India Mobile Congress Thursday.

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