Press Release

London, 14th November 2017 – Resilient plc and Daisy Group today announced a strategic partnership and distribution agreement to address the growing market demand for business mobile call recording solutions enabling compliance under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

MiFID II, which comes into effect in January 2018, requires that those in financial services who are involved in trading, or in providing advice that may lead up to a trade, must have their business mobile calls and SMS messages recorded.

GDPR, which comes into effect in May 2018, is applicable to all businesses and looks to enhance customers’ data privacy. Both of these regulations are placing difficult demands on firms to ensure that they comply. In addition to recording business calls, the regulations also require firms to proactively monitor the calls and store the recordings for a specified period of time.

Under the terms of this agreement, Resilient plc will supply to Daisy its entire suite of business mobile call recording, storage and compliance services. These services, to be known as Daisy smartnumbers, will be added to the Group’s mobile portfolio and includes;
• Daisy smartnumbers Mobile Call Recording – enabling the recording of business mobile phone conversations and SMS messages on both corporate-provided and employees’ personal devices
• Daisy smartnumbers Vault – a cloud-based repository for securely storing recordings of these business calls and SMS messages for a seven-year period as specified by MiFID II
• Daisy smartnumbers Compliance Console – a web-based portal by which compliance officers can monitor and search recordings to ensure staff are operating in compliance with the regulations

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Resilient plc to address the needs of this increasingly important market”, says Neil Muller, CEO of Daisy Group. “Our customers have been asking for a business mobile call recording solution for both MiFID II and GDPR compliance that is simple to use, cost-effective and which operates across all mobile networks. Our partnership with Resilient achieves exactly that, and being delivered from the cloud, the service not only operates across both corporate-provided and employees’ personal devices, but does so without the need for any hardware, software or capital expenditure.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by Daisy Group to bring business mobile call recording and compliance monitoring to Daisy’s mobile portfolio.” says Geoffrey Paterson, Chairman & CEO of Resilient plc. “Daisy is the UK’s fastest growing mobile reseller with over 500,000 mobile subscribers, and has shown great commercial innovation in its offerings for business customers. With its adoption of smartnumbers, Daisy is combining commercial innovation with technological innovation to provide its customers with full regulatory compliance with the same simplicity and cost-effectiveness that they have become used to.”