Press Release

Resilient plc today announced that it has been granted a patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office for techniques used within its leading mobile call recording and BYOD service, smartnumbers mobile.

The patent which has been awarded includes a number of claims relating to techniques used by smartnumbers mobile to manage multiple GSM mobile numbers on a single device. Prior to this invention, most solutions for managing multiple numbers on a single mobile phone were restricted to specific carrier networks or required the use of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) clients. An alternative approach of adopting dual-SIM devices was limited to a very small number of Android handsets and excluded the iPhone market entirely. Resilient’s smartnumbers mobile enables subscribers to both make and receive higher quality GSM calls with their choice of mobile telephone numbers, their choice of handsets and their choice of mobile carrier.

There is significant market demand for the management of a single mobile phone with multiple GSM mobile numbers. This includes the separation of business and personal calls on a single device used to support an organisations Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, as well as more sophisticated use-cases where subscribers across a range of businesses may wish to manage many more mobile numbers on a single device.

The patent also assists in the provision of a high quality mobile call recording service. The need to record mobile calls is becoming very pervasive, with new MiFID II and GDPR legislation demanding that while business calls need to be recorded for regulatory compliance, personal calls made from the same device need to remain private. The benefit to customers with this invention is that, for the first time, subscribers can choose to make and receive calls from a selection of mobile telephone numbers associated with their device, without any compromise on compliance or the user experience.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this patent which demonstrates the culture of innovation and invention that we nurture at Resilient”, says Geoffrey Paterson, Chairman & CEO of Resilient plc. “Since our earliest days, Resilient have pioneered many firsts in the business communications market, including services which enable customers to control their fixed-line calls via a web-browser, portals which enable companies to manage their voice continuity plans, and more recently the provision of larger customers with their own private local telephone exchange. These inventions have all driven improvements in resilience, cost reduction and business efficiency for our customers.

This particular patent is important since we serve some of the highest profile and most demanding customers across financial services, defence and public sector where any compromise on user experience will not be tolerated. This patent award protects our smartnumbers product, and is therefore to the great benefit of both Resilient, its partners and its customers.”