Press Release

The completely redesigned dashboard in VoIPstudio 2.0 brings a cleaner, bolder user interface, providing a more intuitive, responsive and customisable overall experience for users. New and updated capabilities further add to the improved release, with VoIPstudio 2.0 now offering a rich set of enterprise productivity tools.

Building and extending upon the highly successful VoIPstudio, the completely redesigned console in VoIPstudio 2.0 brings advanced, enterprise-grade, web applications to businesses of all sizes. Built on WebRTC, the new design offers near-instant responsiveness and improved usability.

Users can now instantly switch between Users, Administration and Reception consoles, without having to wait for each to load. Furthermore, VoIPstudio 2.0 offers granular control over security and access – the new dashboard adds organisational units and permission groups, allowing the creation of distinct user groups and permission levels.

The new version also addresses the need to customise user groups in Reception console. Previously, Reception console required the user to open all groups making the task overwhelming and slow, but in VoIPstudio 2.0, administrators can create multiple layers according to groups – such as sales, marketing, accounts and customer support – allowing administrators to customise and define their exact requirements for user groups.

“We are delighted with the improvements that have been made in VoIPstudio 2.0, making it much faster, more flexible and customizable, and much easier to use. The new capabilities also save time, allowing us to chat or make calls from within the dashboard. The new version is a significant improvement on the original, and has helped us to improve our efficiency and productivity,” said Andrew Mould, Managing Partner at Ascert, an early adopter of the new version.

VoIPstudio 2.0 also introduces two new exciting features: in-dashboard IM and voice calls. The built-in IM/chat feature allows users to have conversations at any time from within the web browser, without the need to install a separate application. Likewise, users can make VoIP calls from within the dashboard. There is no need for an IP deskphone or additional applications. Simply dial a number and call!

To view the new features or to find out how to get the most out of the new interface, visit our brand new Tutorials page at As always, our support team are on hand to help with any queries or questions you may have at any point!??