Press Release

On a joint mission ruwido and Telekom Slovenije are working together on a powerful as well as design strong second generation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) remotes featuring voice to provide user experience excellence.

Telekom Slovenije launched its new smart living and entertainment platform called NEO at the end of 2018, which offers the opportunity to manage TV content and smart home devices from one place using voice commands. The user interface is navigated with the NEO remote, designed and manufactured by ruwido.

The challenge was to create an emotionally appealing device, extremely clear and reduced, while at the same time powerful enough to manage TV content as well as smart home devices within one device.

This could have been realized due to the close cooperation of the two companies not only with regards towards manufacturing the input device but also with regards towards the integration of the remote into the NEO system – the synchronization of the user interface with the remote control – to provide ‘user experience excellence’.

“We are extremely proud of our cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, a partner with shared values and visions, with the overall aim to touch the emotion of the user”, said Ferdinand Maier, CEO ruwido.

“At Telekom Slovenije, we are on a mission to always go a step further, helping people to simplify their everyday lives in a more inspiring way. And with ruwido we found a partner who is heading in the same direction,” explained Ranko Jelaca, member of Telekom Slovenije’s Management Board.

The design of the NEO remote picks up the characteristic blue tones, to underline the brand image and its brand essence of inspiring simplification. Voice transmission enables a reduced button layout and is redefining the way people interact with their TV services. Supported by data transmission via Bluetooth Low Energy, the input device is an example of integration between the latest technology and emotional design.