Press Release

SDS has received two orders, for a total value of SEK 1.3 million, from an
existing customer who is one of the leading mobile operators in the Bahamas.
The orders are for software features that add new capacity to the existing
operational critical platform. Delivery can be carried out by SDS remotely.

“It is very gratifying that our customers see opportunities to differentiate themselves in their
markets with our products. At the same time, they see SDS as a trusted partner who can
help them, even in difficult times, with fast and reliable solutions. I am particularly proud of
our efforts to standardize our products, and our operational processes prove to be of great
value for their ability to deliver quickly and without having to travel," says Tommy Eriksson,

The new orders include software and services to add new functionality and capacity to
existing platforms and are expected to contribute to revenue during the second quarter of
this year. This new functionality allows operators to differentiate their offerings in their
markets and allows their distributors and retailers to offer faster and better services to their
mobile subscribers.

The orders are further proof of confidence in SDS’ operational capacity and its ability to
quickly provide support for the demanding business environment of its customers.
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