Press Release

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) has acquired a new customer in Tunisia,
expanding its market presence in the region. Valued at SEK 4 million, the order
is for software solutions that will optimize the supply chain for the mobile
operator from customer onboarding to product distribution to achieve fast
turnaround times. Revenue from the order is expected to be recognized from the
third quarter 2020 and the order will contribute to recurring revenues over
years to come.

"Digital onboarding of new customers and Point of Sales are major focus areas
for our product portfolio. I am pleased to see a customer having the confidence
to revamp their entire onboarding and digital distribution using our products.
This supply chain optimization will ensure that customers are able to take
advantage of the offerings from the operator immediately after onboarding in
the best possible manner," says Tommy Eriksson, CEO of SDS AB Group.

The order includes the deployment and installation of software solutions for
end-to-end management of SIM card distribution as well as subscriber Know Your
Customer (KYC) and Optical Character Recognition in their native language.
Using a state-of-the-art solution from SDS, the mobile operator will improve
their current customer onboarding process.

Once live, the operator can take advantage of the functionalities provided by
the SDS solution to make their onboarding, KYC, and distribution process
completely digital. This will reduce the customer onboarding cycle and enable
the operators distributors and retailers to offer faster and better services to
new mobile subscribers. The solution also includes advanced algorithms and
machine learning that will improve the responsiveness and accuracy allowing the
operator to enjoy extended benefits.