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The return of roaming: Exploring China Mobile International’s IPX platform

Dr. Li Feng, Chairman & CEO from China Mobile International, shared how 5G is changing roaming requirements for operators and how the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) ecosystem is evolving

What role does IPX play in an ever changing network environment?

Viewpoint At Carriers World 2017, Total Telecom caught up with with Christian Wollner, Head Of Product Management Mobile World, Deutsche Telekom ICSS.Christian told us about how IPX can and is indeed already playing an important role in IOT. Christian also spoke about...

IPX technology – more relevant than ever before

Viewpoint With IPX having a dedicated focus once again at Carriers World 2017, Total Telecom sat down with industry expert Christian Wollner of Deustche Telekom. Christian was kind enough to give us an update on the current state of IPX technology. Christian will also...

IPX will take off when IP and TDM are on the same footing #GSMA

Dan Warren, Senior Director of Technology at the GSMA spoke to Total Telecom at this years IPX Summit. He addressed a range of points including:
– What are the current and future prospects for IPX?
– Where do you think the biggest innovations in IPX development are?
– Does there need to be a definitive IPX definition?
– Is IPX an alternative to the internet?
– Why do you think mobile operators remain reluctant to come on board?

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IP & IPX Migration: Exploring the key challenges and solutions

Presentation given by Christian Michaud, Senior VP Marketing & Business Development Tata Communications on behalf of the i3 Forum: IP & IPX Migration: Exploring the key challenges and solutions

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Do mobile operators still believe in IPX? #GSMA

Do mobile operators still believe in IPX and what should IPX should offer? These were the two key questions answered by the GSMA’s Philippe Bellordre, the Project Manager in Charge of the Future of Interconnection at the first Total Telecom IPX Summit.

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