Press Release

Sinch AB (publ), a global leader in cloud communications and mobile customer engagement, today announced that it has been awarded the highest ‘Tier One’ ranking in recent reports from Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) for its Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Monetization suite and A2P SMS Firewall product for MNOs, and A2P SMS products for enterprises, which are key elements of the SMS product suite.

A2P Monetization provides MNOs the ability to simultaneously generate new revenue, boost security of the network, enhance subscriber privacy and increase customer satisfaction. It allows operators to close off their network to un-authorised routed SMS traffic using tools like the SMS Firewall and to direct these messages to legal and monetized routes

“As SMS-related fraud has become more pervasive, it is crucial for operators and their enterprise customers to find the right vendor they can trust that can monetize SMS while preventing subscribers from suffering fraud,” said Helene Henriksson, managing director, Operator Messaging, Sinch. “ROCCO’s rankings of our A2P SMS Monetization suite and SMS Firewall product show Sinch’s A2P messaging services are therefore trusted by operators and are about far more than simple connectivity and monetization. Sinch also offers MNOs even greater value by providing their enterprise customers with analysis, statistics and performance trends which means our products are providing support and optimization for any enterprise.”

With more than 600 direct carrier connections, Sinch’s A2P SMS offering enables businesses in any industry to expand their reach, engage with customers globally and enhance customer experiences, all while enjoying highest delivery rates, lowest latency and built-in global compliance.

MNOs and enterprises were surveyed by ROCCO directly and they were highly complimentary of Sinch, with several stating in the ROCCO report that Sinch is a very proactive partner, willing to support businesses and having excellent industry insight, whilst also growing revenues, safeguarding their subscribers, and protecting their enterprise customers and brands.