Press Release

Snom, a global manufacturer of IP phones for business and industry, is enabling its customers and partners to customise their desk phones. Customers will be able to add their company logo to the phone casing, label individual keys and even change the colour of their devices to that of the brand.

Using white-label solutions, the Berlin-based company can adapt its deskphone models to the design requirements of each customer. Alongside the powerful features available on Snom phones, the ability to customise their design means these devices can help businesses to reinforce their brand presence.

For example, pre-printed buttons can be provided for frequently used services – such as “room service”, “reception” or “table reservation” on hotel phones. When it comes to hospitals or nursing homes, buttons for speed dial to individual wards or to provide entry to a door can be labelled so that they are easy for users to find.

Customers already have the option to attach their company logo to the phone casing with a minimum order of 50 items on the D717, D735 or D785 models in black design. Now, with an order of 1,500 devices or more, function keys can also be individually labelled. If ordering 3,000 devices, the colour of the phone casing can be changed too.

More information and details on Snom’s phone customisation can be found here: