Press Release

Snom, an IP telephony manufacturer for the business and industrial sector, has developed a new API that will enable its service partners to more easily integrate its automatic provisioning tool, SRAPS (Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service), within their telephone systems.

SRAPS facilitates remote IP phone deployment and management and had previously been available to Snom’s partners, for free, through a web portal. Now the entire service can also be accessed using the new API.

Major service providers, including SipWise, 3CX and Innovaphone, are already using the API to simplify remote device management for their customers. The API offers multiple advantages, including:

· zero-touch deployment of the entire range of Snom telephony, totally independent of location,

· complete personalisation of the user interface (UI) via remote management,

· system error analysis with the ability to correct numerous problems remotely.

Until recently, most service providers had been using their own provisioning models, combined with configuration files, for installation and registration of devices. This was both time-consuming and challenging to complete, given the number of hardware components from third-party suppliers.

Partners working with Snom can now switch over to the SRAPS API, making the service much easier to use. Devices can be managed automatically, while partners will always remain compliant with GDPR thanks to the service being hosted in Snom’s Frankfurt datacentre.

Mark Wiegleb, Head of Interop & Integration at Snom Technology GmbH commented: “Our API makes service providers’ day-to-day work much more flexible and secure. This initiative was really well received, and we are particularly pleased to see partners submitting more and more interesting projects from their customers, inspired by our service. These are often complex, with deployments in unusual environments or across multiple sites, for example.”

Unlike other manufacturers, who rely on proprietary software standards, Snom ensures its protocols are standardised and publicly available. This means that Snom telephones can be used with flexibility and in combination with telephone systems from a wide range of suppliers.


About Snom

Snom is an internationally celebrated manufacturer of IP phones for the business and industrial sectors. A pioneer in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and telephony since 1997, Snom has quickly developed into a worldwide top brand for innovative ICT solutions.

A 360° approach: the company’s success is based on an all-round strategy that serves the needs of customers and partners holistically and is characterised by:

• first-class technology,
• the highest level of security,
• ergonomic design,
• proprietary firmware development including short regular update cycles,
• in-house audio lab,
• regular partner training,
• excellent service,
• a remote support system,
• 3-year warranty as standard,
• tailor-made solutions as well as
• local presence in key markets.

Snom explicitly focuses on understanding the wishes and requirements of its customers and partners and then implementing them when developing new solutions.

Snom’s IP desk, conference and DECT cordless telephones are equipped with a wide range of functions and feature high-end audio quality. The portfolio also includes models that have been specially designed for particularly challenging environments, such as healthcare, production or desk sharing.

Since 2016, Snom is part of the VTech Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones.

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