South Korea was the first country in the world to launch commercial 5G services at scale

South Korea has racked up close to 600,000 5G subscriptions in the first 50 days since the country’s 3 mobile network operators launched next generation mobile network services across the country on 5th April.

South Korea is on course to hit a million subscribers by late June, as the country looks to densify its fledgling 5G networks.

Speaking at an industry event hosted by the GSMA last week, South Korea’s vice minister for the Ministry of Science and ICT, Wonki Min, said that 5G would be an "opportunity for a new leap forward for Korea".

According to Min, being a first mover on 5G will allow South Korea to reinforce its position as a world leader in telecoms technology, in the run up to the launch of stand alone 5G services.   

According to a report by Pulse News, South Korea is adding between 15,000 and 20,000 new 5G subscribers per day. At this rate, analysts predict that South Korea will hit 1 million 5G subscribers by the end of June.

Consumers in South Korea are not being put off by network operators’ decision to charge a premium for 5G services. An unlimited 5G data tariff starts at around $42 (50,000 South Korean Won) per month – a similar 4G package costs around $25 (30,000 SKW).