Press Release

A new handset measurements capability has today been launched by cloud-based customer experience analytics and service monitoring specialist, SpatialBuzz. The solution helps mobile network operators (MNOs) to identify customers receiving poor service levels by collecting radio related measurement data in real-time. By Q2 2017, 2.5 million consumers are set to benefit from the new solution.

Using a unique set of algorithms, the SpatialBuzz solution allows MNOs to geospatially visualise RF conditions on the network. Customers can choose to opt-in to help their Operator improve the network.

“By using SpatialBuzz, operators can already see, in real-time, where customer satisfaction is an issue. Device measurements not only helps diagnose dissatisfaction hotspots faster, they also help identify where dissatisfaction might be increasing,” said Peter Young, CEO of SpatialBuzz. “The new tool also allows for a deeper, relevant and more meaningful conversation to be had with customers experiencing problems.”

The tool is quick and easy to deploy and can be embedded into existing operator self-service apps. The tool retains anonymity for the customer and is optimised to minimise battery usage, with customers able to opt-in or out of the service at any time.

“What do operators want customers to do when the network is not working for them? For years, telecoms operators have not had a meaningful answer beyond ‘calling the call-centre’. SpatialBuzz tackles that question and mobile measurements takes speedy resolution to the next level,” continued Young. “Also, hotspots of ‘silent unhappy customers’ can be revealed by using the tool, for subsequent experience optimisation and engagement.”

The solution can also be used in corporate or MVNO environments. For further information about SpatialBuzz, please visit