Vodafone Group’s CEO, Nick Read says that he hopes that incumbent operators across Europe will follow his company’s example and offer tiered options for 5G subscribers

Operators should offer their customers a tiered 5G offering, allowing them to pick and pay for the speeds that suit them, in order to quickly monetize their 5G networks, according to Vodafone.

Speaking at the Vodafone Group six monthly financial briefing in London on Tuesday, Vodafone Group’s CEO, Nick Read, said that operators needed to focus on speed, rather than data consumption, as a key price differentiator for their subscriber tariffs.

"When you look at 5G, we have gone for an unlimited, speed tiered service. We are emphasising that speed tiering is the way to go in order to monetize the return on investment for 5G," Read said.  

"I don’t mind so much if value players don’t follow us but, ideally, incumbents should follow us on that model because it’s a way to move people up the ladder.

"Since we have launched it, 70 per cent of our customers are on middle or high tier plans. They don’t all trade down to the lowest available tier because they want that high speed experience. Of course, speeds will ramp up over time," he added.  

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