Press Release

Speedflow Communications Ltd., a telecom service and software solutions provider, is delighted to announce that carrier-grade MediaCore SBC is now available as a cloud option following a two-month test period.

The move expands the current plethora of platform acquisition options with present choices being hosted, cloud-based and rent. Cloud-based MediaCore will help carriers achieve a seamless adaptation to a fast-changing VoIP and SMS environment by allowing them to assemble and update the product with desired features and will strip them of the burden of maintaining the server-side.

Tests conducted in DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure, a US-based cloud service provider, showed that MediaCore sustained the same high performance as when it is hosted on dedicated servers. This means that all benefits brought by the new cloud option will only complement the traditional high productivity and business-expansion characteristics of the platform.
“Migration to the cloud is the next logical step in MediaCore’s evolution.” said Konstantin Vykhristenko, Head of Marketing at Speedflow. “It reaffirms our innovative approach and industry leadership.”

The innovation opens new doors for carriers, allowing them to acquire a leading, scalable softswitch without huge CAPEX usually needed for the purchase and maintenance of expensive dedicated servers.