Press Release

Speedflow is glad to inform, that the new version of the MediaCore SBC has been released!

The updated MediaCore ver. 4.6.1 comes with enhanced Routing Mechanism, that allows Tier 2/3 operators to smoothly handle high peaks of carrier traffic and provide the best available VoIP services to their business partners. The SBC is equipped with all types of routing algorithms and parameters such as Jurisdictional Routing, Origination Based Routing, MNP/LNP.

The SMS platform core in the new version handles more than 1000 messages per second. Convenient SMS Start page and Bulk SMS portal are also implemented to optimize carrier SMS operations.

The MediaCore ver. 4.6.1 is packed with brand new reports and visualization tools, making the SBC better than ever before.
To ensure the smooth implementation procedure Speedflow provides fast installation and hassle-free data migration.
We prepared a new video about the latest improvements, including accelerated SMS platform performance, upgraded voice routing mechanism, brand-new visualization tools, enhanced security and other features, designed to take VoIP and SMS carriers to the next level. Click here to watch the video

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