Press Release

Spirent Communications plc today published its annual mobile device intelligence report for the year 2016. The year saw its Tweakker Device Guides and smartphone support solution save network operator customers a collective USD 40 million in customer service costs, an increase of 135% over 2015’s record.

“Spirent’s cloud device intelligence solution Tweakker again proved vital to the financial health of virtual network carriers in 2016,” said Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Head of Tweakker. “Singularly, it enabled over 80 virtual mobile operators worldwide to provide their subscribers with seamless connectivity for mobile data services, provide better customer service and automate the user engagement process.”

– Spirent’s Device Guides saved the telecom industry USD 40 million in support savings in 2016, up 135% on the USD 17m savings the industry amassed in 2015
– VoLTE services became mainstream in 2016 and Spirent reacted and expanded its Device Library for VoLTE capable devices by a factor of six, accommodating over 300 VoLTE-capable devices
– OEM testing partnerships grew to 130, expanding the pool of raw device detection and capability data for Spirent’s in-house device verification, testing and certification processes
– Low-cost smartphones, costing as little as USD 50, flooded operators’ networks, imposing further strains on mobile operators’ device management operations
– While smartphone sales boomed in emerging markets, in mature markets they have registered a growth of only 1.6% in 2016 opposed to 10.4% in 2015
– Securing a successful and cost-efficient APN setup throughout the entire customer life-cycle remained a key challenge for MVNOs
– The number of MNOs and MVNOs that harnessed Spirent’s device intelligence solutions for better customer engagement, smartphone support and onboarding end-users with mobile data services in 2016 passed the 200 milestone
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