Press Release

When Connected Britain opens its doors at the Business Design Centre next week we will also be providing a showcase to more than twenty ambitious startup companies, gathered together close to the main entrance.

They will be demonstrating a range of technologies and services relevant to to the UK market and perhaps even contain the next unicorn!

Here’s a glance at what some of these young companies offer. If you want to meet them, make sure you join us on the 21-22 September 2021 – visit the website to find out how.

Anadue collects trip data from shared micromobility vehicles and other sources to solve two important challenges, exposing the benefit that micromobility makes to society, and optimising fleet operations to maximise profit.

Beringar are a Sensors as a Service company that empowers users to better understand and optimise their interaction with the built environment. Through the collection and collation of real and historic data proper analysis can be undertaken to manage Covid, improve well conditions, energy efficiencies and also guide board decisions on their company’s net carbon journey.

IoT Solutions Group
IoT Solutions Group is a specialist provider of IoT-enabled solutions for both the public and private sector, including smart parking, waste management, legionella risk mitigation and assisted living support.

Jangala are a UK-based charity enabling internet access for marginalised people and the organisations supporting them. Their mission is to connect every school, clinic and community resilience project worldwide with internet access, so societies everywhere can meet the pressing challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow.

ManUp Key
The ManUp Key is a revolutionary product which uses a slide hammer action and momentum to open stuck manhole covers, avoiding the struggle and hassle of encountering ones that are stuck.

Mobilus Labs
Mobilus Labs help teams communicate on construction and industrial sites with two-way bone conduction wearable technology and digital voice app. It enables teams of any size to communicate hands free in high noise environments; eliminate miscommunication, reduce rework, improve safety, and reduce safety incidents.

Predict Mobile
Predict Mobile matches bespoke telecoms needs with the best supplier solutions, saving you time, money, and resources.

Sitenna is a marketplace and asset management platform for mobile cell sites. They are streamlining the process for searching, assessing, acquiring and managing mobile sites.

Suppeco is an AI-driven collaborative relationship platform that helps organisations to optimise their customer-supplier engagements, to drive automation, innovation and growth.

Visibly is on a mission to build a campus for lifelong learning that accelerates work the world desperately needs. Today, Visibly is a place where telecoms businesses go to build digital models of their experts and use them to accelerate their workforce sourcing, skilling and supervision.

To meet these organisations and more, join us at Connected Britain 


Total Telecom will offer even more opportunities for startups to gain exposure at the Total Telecom Congress in October. If you are interested visit the website to apply