Press Release

New Mobile Survey Service (MSS) empowers end users to measure mobile signal coverage and application performance of one or more mobile networks quickly and easily.

Spry Fox Networks Ltd, a leading supplier of advanced mobile coverage and network systems for commercial, public sector, residential, and mobile operators/vendors has included 5G support into its new mobile survey service solution, QuantumPath MSS. This enhanced capability empowers enterprises, OTT providers and mobile network operators to generate/increase revenue streams on 5G networks. The service allows end users themselves to perform the survey, thus dramatically speeding up the process whilst delivering great value. The service has global reach due to its cloud-based dashboard and is remotely supported by Spry Fox Networks.

The company is already becoming the go-to provider for the provision of mobile coverage surveys because of its in-depth understanding of mobile network architectures, its Ofcom-compliant product portfolio, and now, because QuantumPath MSS is the only mobile survey service that can provide a hierarchical view of the mobile frequency status at both device and network levels.

Strong and reliable mobile coverage is now integral to the success of any organisation, yet many have zero insight into the performance of their communications networks; this can and does lead to service unreliability, dropped or missed calls and backhaul challenges.

An in-depth understanding of the mobile coverage situation and application performance is required at both the device and network level to ensure optimal performance. Legacy mobile survey tools are unable to provide this detailed level of analysis. Not only must the survey process be dynamic and conducted virtually, often across multiple locations, it must also factor in the immediate vicinity because the outdoor signal quality of the different MNOs will determine the steps needed to assure seamless indoor coverage to support human2human and device2device communications.

“Accurate mobile signal coverage and service surveys are pivotal to planning, designing, commissioning and maintaining a robust communications network, yet many companies still don’t commission them due to perceived cost and complexity versus ROI,” says Stuart Waine, Director of R&D at Spry Fox Networks.

The outcome of a QuantumPath Mobile Survey provides the foundations needed for commercial and public organisations to develop mobile strategies to include in-building mobile coverage, validation of new premises, and digitisation.

To find out more about the QuantumPath Mobile Survey Service, and to commission a survey, visit: