Press Release

In a time when large numbers of people are working remotely and children are being educated from home, ISPs have been faced with a sharp upsurge in internet traffic. Assigning IP addresses to subscribers (CGNAT) is one of several functions to come under strain. This is the service that lets through all user traffic. The capacity of hardware products traditionally used by the majority of operators is limited and cannot deal with this new level of traffic.

The NFV-product developer and Californian startup NFWare has offered European communications operators the possibility to quickly deal with large volumes of traffic thanks to their Virtual CGNAT solution, and have reduced its cost to $1 per year (instead of the usual price of thousands dollars) due to the current global situation. This means a fully functional commercial license with unlimited throughput, and software deployment taking one day.

NFWare’s Virtual CGNAT solution helps resolve the problem of a shortage of IPv4 addresses in the network by distributing one address among several subscribers. The service also allows companies to switch to the IPv6 standard. The solution works on standard servers and can handle high volumes of traffic – up to 240 Gbit/sec. on a single server, which substantially exceeds the capacities of similar products.

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