Meet the Birmingham based startup established when existing industry solutions failed to meet their needs

Tell us about your start up
Osmium connects automated equipment of all makes and models – PLCs, variable-speed drives, sensors, monitors and HMIs – to users and to the cloud, enabling businesses to get the productivity benefits of Industry 4.0 while preserving their existing supply chain relationships and without having to invest in costly new internet-enabled versions of equipment.

From its origins in the wind energy industry, Osmium is now being applied in situations as diverse as oil contamination monitoring and the control of motors for food processing plants. We have customers across the UK and in mainland Europe.

What is your USP?
Organisations can get the benefits of Industry 4.0 by retrofitting Osmium. This is much more cost-effective than scrapping existing equipment and replacing it with the latest IOT-enabled versions.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
Partners. We work with all the major service providers in order to get coverage at all our sites.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
We have funded our development out of the profits of our early deployments. We took part in a 5G accelerator Jan-Mar 2021 in order to get 5G-ready. We also took the decision to make the service intrinsically scaleable so that we can cope with rapid growth during 2022.

Why did you establish the business?
Osmium was born of a partnership between wind energy company Fine Energy (our first deployment being for monitoring and control of a fleet of wind turbines) and IIOT specialist Aberg Design. There is a pressing need for retrofit services like Osmium to help businesses get the benefits of Industry 4.0 cost-effectively.

Who inspired you?
There is a good amount of leadership experience in the partnership already. We took inspiration from the mentors on the 5prinG programme

What does the future hold for your business
Continuing rapid organic growth during 2022

Twitter: @OsmiumRetrofit
Graham Hygate
Ulf Aberg

Osmium can be found in the Startup Zone at Connected North in Manchester on the 25-26 April 2022. If you would like to join them visit