Sensor IT came to Connected Britain this year with their Carbon Dioxide Monitor Covid-19 Prevention Device

Tell us about your start up
Sensor IT is a technology provider operating in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. We create technology based on specific requirements, covering verticals that include Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Agriculture, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Smart Industry. Our products are developed from the ground up and we own 100% of the Intellectual Property we create.

What is your USP?
Since we create the technology, both hardware or software, we implement, that allows us to customise our designs to specific requirements, rather than expecting our clients to adapt their operations to off the shelf products that are created with a broad application design in mind.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
As Technology Providers, we are completely agnostic when it comes to what data communication interface is used, and, consequently, some of the prototypes we are working on include significant links to cellular technologies, since they implement wireless communication protocols for data communication.
Sensor IT Infographic
How have you got to your current stage of development: role of incubators, accelerators, key investors
None of the above, actually. Sensor IT’s founder comes from the Information Technology corporate world and has been able to leverage on a significant number of years of experience in designing, implementing and deploying complex and mission-critical solutions across markets that include telecommunication, defence, logistics, transport and internet of things. The company was initially bootstrapped and grew into being able to create enough value to fund itself through sales or/and projects.

Why did you establish the business? What is your background and why did you launch this organisation?
Technology has been my life since I got my first job straight out of university. It only made sense, being a trained engineer, to set up a technology company and start creating value rather than selling someone else’s. It kind of also helped the fact that, despite the popular belief, there are an ashtonishly small number of technology companies that actually create technology. Most, just use someone’s else technology and white-label it for the local, and sometimes international markets.
Aside the above, I have very set ideas as to technology should grow and evolve. To me, if a particular piece of technology does not contribute to a better world, it should be scrapped. This, unfortunately, is not the case for a significant proportion of the technology that currently is created, in my opinion, where the priority is to create economical value instead. Having a technology creator such as Sensor IT is our way of helping create a better world.

Who inspired you / who is your mentor or motivation?
I would like to see a better, cleaner, less polluted and safer world as the result of the technology we create. What inspired me is a sense that not everything should be based on profit, regardless of the economic value it could bring, but on the social value it brings.

What does the future hold for your business?
I would like for Sensor IT to become a reference in the Internet of Things world, not one that sell any kind of product with the objective of becoming a big corporation, but one that has grown organically and is trusted for their values and integrity.

Based: London, UK
Employees: 3
Most recent funding: Innovate UK grant for the development of a wastewater management system for an Utilities company in Mombasa, Kenya
Founder: Richard Gonzalez

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