Press Release

The rise of cyberthreats affecting wireless networks is forcing companies – regardless of their size – to deploy protective features that ensure optimal, secure connectivity. In response, Stormshield, a European leader in the cybersecurity market, is launching two new devices to secure the Wi-Fi connections for small businesses, stores, franchise operations and more.

While in the past, securing Wi-Fi connections was primarily a concern for larger organisations, the most recent cyberattacks have proven that all businesses are now at risk. This is particularly relevant because of the growth in remote working which requires secure connection to the Internet from anywhere.

The Stormshield Network Security Wi-Fi product range has been developed to enable small businesses to open their wireless networks to their customers, employees or partners while maintaining full control. All IoT and mobile devices are connected and protected via a single unit that provides both the Wi-Fi connection and network security features.

SN160W and SN210W are easily deployed and guarantee implementation of a secure environment in just a few clicks. A comprehensive set of features, once reserved only for dedicated solutions, make it easy to manage resource access accounts for individuals outside the company:
• Temporary Account Mode: a simplified interface creates temporary user accounts. Since the password is generated automatically, the creation of these accounts can be completely delegated.
• Sponsorship Mode: the request to connect to the Internet is sent to an internal administrator who has control of approving or refusing the request. Creating an account is no longer necessary; the entire process is automated with a simple click on the administrator’s mobile phone.

SN160W secures the Wi-Fi connection for 10 referred users, and SN210W secures it for 20 referred users.