Mentor has taken a long hard look at all the programs they’ve seen over the past 30 years. There were 128 of them – and 117 of these were “rescue” situations.

In each case, a bunch of “age-old” failure patterns – repeated over-and-over again – caused these programs to pinball all over the place.
Mentor’s analysis showed there were five “bone-crushing” factors at play: 

Executive alignment: Executive teams are not as aligned as they say they are

Planning: Most program “plans” are targets, based on someone else’s view of what “ought to be possible”

Program organisation: Most program “organisation structures” are misleading and un-workable

Supplier management: Reputable industry suppliers are just as prone to program mis-adventure as their clients, possibly more so

Dependencies: Fragile dependency management can hobble any program


Sound familiar? 
In every situation, program failure was “designed-in” from the start. 
This new insight from Mentor is a vital read if you want the ability to stay on the cutting edge of what makes business transformation programs succeed – every single time.
Download this Q&A guide to find out more about the 5 critical factors to program execution success. 
Mentor has three solid decades of experience in running difficult, business-critical programs in the UK and European telecoms markets. Breaking new ground by helping to create some of the first wave of deployments, Mentor worked behind the scenes with most of the UK’s infrastructure players.
Today, Mentor is helping mobile operators, fibre providers and infrastructure players to figure out how to respond to the huge opportunities presented by 4G densification and the move to 5G.
With our strong industry relationships and independence – combined with deep design, operational and commercial experience – we will work with you and your team to provide the people, resources and expertise to get your business-critical program over the line – with certainty.
Results. Guaranteed.
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