Press Release

Following the recent announcement of achieving download and upload speeds in excess of 9,000 Mbps during a residential speed-test in Gerrards Cross, Swish Fibre has recently commenced work at pace to bring it’s 10 Gbps Full Fibre broadband network to the market town of Farnham.

Farnham is a key milestone for Swish as it represents the first town in Surrey where deployment of its lightning-fast network is taking place. A brand-new team has been assembled and mobilised to bring the 10 Gbps service to the residents of Surrey and Hampshire over the coming period.

The soon to be Full Fibre Farnham is already displaying visible signs of progress, with a Swish cabinet already deployed on Long Bridge in Farnham in February. Local residents may also have spotted the ever-present Swish team on the ground from the start of March as the roll out continues into the year.

As with all towns currently in build, residents will be kept abreast of progress on their dedicated Farnham web-page that can be found here.

Alistair Goulden, CMO of Swish Fibre, said:

“Not only are we building networks with the fastest residential speeds that we have seen in the UK, but we are also delighted about the speed at which we are rolling out our networks too. The latest teams we’ve mobilised in Surrey have already made great progress on the ground in Farnham, with other Surrey towns to follow very soon.”

Swish Fibre’s network is a Full Fibre network that is fully independent of Openreach’s copper-based telephone lines that providers like Sky, BT and TalkTalk rely on to serve customers in towns like Farnham.

The UK currently languishes 47th in the world broadband speed rankings, which Swish hope to help change with the advent of its 10Gbps network, allowing their customers to work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s other broadband networks.