Press Release

Synchronoss Technologies, a global leader and innovator of cloud, messaging, digital and IoT products, today announced that AT&T will expand how it uses the Synchronoss Out-of-the-Box-Experience (OOBE) by integrating additional mobile offerings into its digital customer onboarding process. OOBE is a fully customizable digital distribution channel that empowers customers to complete the mobile device setup process themselves on the screen of their devices. This allows new and current AT&T subscribers to effortlessly select value-added products and services during their device upgrading or activation process.

Synchronoss gives AT&T the ability to use the same solution to insert personalized third-party offerings throughout the digital onboarding process. OOBE also allows AT&T to offer subscribers frictionless personalized digital journeys as well as the opportunity OOBE provides to drive net new revenue.

“Our OOBE solution is capable of delivering far more than a cloud-based digital onboarding experience for mobile subscribers. OOBE was purpose-built so that it could also serve as a digital distribution channel and powerful sales mechanism that would enable operators to cross- and up-sell any product or service at any customer touchpoint they desire. In this case, we have given AT&T the capacity to insert a third-party mobile offering exactly where it makes sense during the customer journey,” said Glenn Lurie, President and CEO, Synchronoss.