Press Release

Speedflow Communications has optimised its high-end softswitch MediaCore SBC to address carrier issues with processing high peaks of Call Centre (CC) traffic.

CC traffic is typically characterized by a high number of Calls per Second (CPS) and calls with low Average Call Duration (ACD). It strains carriers’ infrastructures with lower capacity, making it hard for them to process calls successfully.
As a result, they lose a large chunk of potential profit.

With recent growth of CC traffic, many companies have turned to Class 4 solutions with capacities that can support such changes.

Following dozens of requests from companies with other softswitches, Speedflow Communications optimised MediaCore SBC and increased its capacity to help carriers deal with CC traffic’s demanding characteristics with ease.

“The increased capacity and stability of the MediaCore SBC enable carriers to handle high volumes of CC traffic like never before.” said Konstantin Vykhristenko, Head of Marketing at Speedflow Communications.

“We understand that carriers need to boost capacity to process calls smoothly and reliably at all times. This is why we have optimized our solution to help them achieve it.
“Speedflow is proud to provide solutions for voice carriers adapted to the needs of the dynamic and ever-changing VoIP industry.”

MediaCore SBC is fitted with an enhanced routing mechanism, which offers stable and uninterrupted processing of a high number of CPS and low ACD.

In addition, virtualisation and load-balancing server properties further ease traffic load and boost stability.

With the implemented changes, MediaCore can equip carriers to deal with present and future changes in CC traffic and other aspects of the VoIP industry with confidence. Speedflow plans to release a full update of the solution later this year.