TalkTalk has commissioned a new study that shows a growing sense of resentment among UK consumers on the issue of mid-contract price increases

New research commissioned by UK based Internet Service Provider, TalkTalk, suggests that as many as 87 per cent of people in the UK feel "ripped off" by mid-contract price increases.

The research found that 62 per cent of consumers did not know when their current broadband plans expired – leaving them open to paying higher out-of-contract rates.

“Telecoms companies have been ripping-off consumers for far too long. The industry has to change to rebuild trust with consumers. We led the way two years ago and became the first provider to guarantee no mid-contract price rises. It’s proved hugely popular and today we’re going even further. Our Fairer Broadband Charter sets out three simple ways we’ll put customers first. I’m challenging our rivals to follow our lead so that the whole industry can rebuild trust with customers,” said Tristia Harrison, CEO, TalkTalk.

Most ISPs in the UK increase their prices midway through the contract term, in an attempt to lure customers in with lower rates in the first year of the contract. TalkTalk’s challenge to the industry to do away with mid-contract price hikes comes on the heels of Ofcom’s ruling that ISPs must send a text message to their customer when they are nearing the end of their contract. 

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