Press Release

Tanaza, a leader in the cloud-managed networking industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with Comfast, a world-leading professional Wi-Fi equipment manufacturer. Comfast hardware devices provide the physical building blocks for a Tanaza ‘out-of-the-box’ experience in network deployments.

Tanaza and Comfast synergy bring to market a ‘plug and play’ solution to provision, manage and deploy from a few to over tens of thousands of Wi-Fi access points from a single platform in the cloud. The cloud-based Tanaza software running over Comfast high-performing devices provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and scalable solution on the market with unprecedented operational efficiency.

Tanaza empowers OEMs’ networking hardware with a compelling and smart alternative to network management. This flexible operational model allows substantial savings over traditional network architectures.

Tanaza’s modular software layer integrates on top with third-party applications to offer added-value services to suit specific customers’ needs. From Wi-Fi monetization apps like Express Wi-Fi by Facebook Connectivity to Hotspot management, Tanaza enables any compatible application on any Comfast device powered by Tanaza.

The selection of Comfast hardware devices running atop Tanaza ‘out-of-the-box’ are:
1. CF-EW71 – Outdoor N300 High Power Wi-Fi Extender
2. CF-E320N V2 – Indoor N300 Access Point
3. CF-EW72 – Outdoor AC1200 Wi-Fi Router Repeater
4. CF-E375AC V2 – Indoor AC1300 Access Point
5. CF-WA350 – Outdoor AC1300 Access Point
6. CF-WA700 – Outdoor N300 High Power Access Point

"In the networking industry, OEMs perceive the potential of making their hardware more compelling to address customers’ high customization requirements," says Sebastiano Bertani, Founder & CEO of Tanaza. "Partnering with Comfast is a key milestone in our efforts to unfold continuous partnerships with OEMs to offer the Wi-Fi market disruptive, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. This partnership also represents a tremendous opportunity to penetrate Asian markets and deliver the advantage of a Wi-Fi cloud-managed solution paired with Comfast cutting-edge hardware".

"Tanaza is a great partner. Their software DNA and their focus on delivering a powerful platform with an intuitive user-interface make them perfectly complementary,” says Mike Weng, General Manager of Comfast. “Partnering with Tanaza enables Comfast to add a compelling and flexible software platform to our products with minimal effort. Tanaza takes care of everything, and as a result, our products are even more compelling to our customers.”

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