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Marketing Technology Leader Shifts to Identity-Driven Model Launching New Vertical-specific Customer Data Platform

Tapad, the company reinventing personalization for the modern marketer, today announced a global rebrand to focus its resources on creating best-in-class identity solutions for marketers. This rebrand includes the renaming of the company’s proprietary device graph technology to The Tapad Graph, and the introduction of the Tapad Customer Data Platform (CDP), a platform purpose-built to help marketers better connect and engage with both new and existing customers. The new offering, which makes marketers’ first-party data actionable against The Tapad Graph, is today initially being launched to the telecommunications industry.

"Tapad is always evolving with the marketplace to ensure we are continually solving for the growing complexities faced by digital marketers", said Sigvart Voss Eriksen, CEO of Tapad. "This shift in our business serves as a strong indicator of our commitment to delivering industry-forward products, particularly where big data meets personalization. For nearly a decade we have led the market in cross-device technology, which has set us up to scale beyond devices and provide the industry with the most comprehensive identity solutions."

While many marketers have their own rich data, they often do not have a holistic view of their existing customers and lack the visibility to personalize content for external prospects. The Tapad CDP solves this challenge by providing marketers with unparalleled identity insights from the Tapad Graph, which creates a scalable cost effective solution for marketers to view and identify customer segments.

Initially available to global telco customers, the Tapad CDP is purpose-built to offer telco marketers a highly personalized and privacy-safe platform to easily convert first and third-party data into actionable, results-driven campaigns. Tapad’s parent company, Telenor Group, has provided a critical avenue for developing the CDP solution as several Telenor subsidiaries across the globe have leveraged and found value with the CDP. For example, a Telenor Group subsidiary in the Nordics used the Tapad CDP to maximize new customer acquisition and achieve a 34 percent lower cost per acquisition (CPA). Telenor subsidiaries in Southeast Asia realized similar success, with one subsidiary achieving a 75 percent lower CPA and another achieving 7.7x ROI.

"Telenor has vast amounts of insights and data for existing customers, and we want to better utilize this to deliver more personalized customer experiences," says Svein Henning Kirkeng, EVP and Telenor Group CMO. "With Tapad’s ability to merge data from previously siloed systems, we can coherently engage with customers across the different channels in which we operate. Furthermore, we’re able to leverage our insights to identify new potential customers with similar attributes, and deliver a personalized value proposition. What makes us really excited about this is how Tapad’s CDP enables us to build a holistic understanding of our existing and new potential customers, take action on those insights, and continuously improve the customer experience by learning from every interaction we have with our customers."

The Tapad CDP and Tapad’s wider product suite are nearing GDPR compliance for May 2018, further establishing its ongoing commitment to privacy and transparency in every country in which it operates.

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