The new contract builds on a ten year partnership between the two firms

Swedish kit manufacturer Ericsson has signed a contract to assist Telefonica with the expansion of its Spanish language online TV content throughout Latin America. Telefonica will expand its online pay TV offering in 13 countries across the continent, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Eight other nations will follow in 2020.  

“Service providers today are faced with huge libraries of content and HD recordings that they need to quickly and efficiently deploy as part of complex time-shifted TV services. We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with Telefónica to deploy Ericsson Media Solutions’ VSPP. This deployment will enable Telefónica to transform its service delivery by virtualizing the storage and processing capabilities of its servers ensuring that catch-up and VOD services are delivered reliably, seamlessly and quickly to subscribers all over Latin America,” said Angel Ruiz, head of media solutions at Ericsson.

The pair have signed a three year deal, which will see Ericsson deploy its Video Storage and Processing Platform, which will allow Telefonica to launch a seven day catch up service to its subscribers. As part of the process, Ericsson will optimise Telefonica’s current network architecture, as well as increasing system capacity to enable a range of heightened services. 

The pair have previously worked together on similar projects in Spain and Peru,