Press Release

Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (DKK) and WirelessPSC announced today they will be collaborating to bring advanced concealable antenna solutions developed in Japan to the North American market. WirelessPSC will be the primary sales channel for the specialized antenna vendor and its related products targeting operators and original equipment manufacturers in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“We’re honored to be representing the DKK antenna products in the USA and the rest of North America,” said John Sleet, founder of WirelessPSC. “Early customer engagements and related trials have been exceptionally positive. With DKK, we have a great answer for operators densifying their networks and evolving their RAN with an eye to 5G.”

DKK offers a complete range of 4G and pre-standard 5G antennas. The company has been an antenna specialist for over 50 years. One of its products that is already receiving operator interest in the United States is a small-sized concealable street-cell antenna that can be delivered in bi-directional or omni formats with electrical downtilt. This particular antenna supports 3.5 & 5GHz, as well as AWS and PCS frequencies.

Under terms of their agreement, WirelessPSC will be DKK’s official representative for sales and marketing for North America. DKK’s complete product line includes macro-, small-cell and indoor DAS antennas utilizing metamaterials to support beam steering, beamforming, full duplex, massive MIMO and millimeter waves.