Press Release

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telephone operators and mobile network providers, has expanded its successful partnership with Unisys in Europe to provide secure, next generation voicemail services to millions of Telefónica Deutschland customers in Germany. Unisys communications solutions support more than 200 million mobile subscribers around the world.

Under the terms of a mid-term contract signed in Q3 2019, Unisys will deliver enhanced voicemail capabilities, including visual voicemail, a visual interface that improves user experience by providing key message details, such as the contact details of the sender, the time and date it was recorded and the message duration. The solution will also pave the way for new capabilities for Telefónica Deutschland’s customers regarding modern voicemail messaging.

"We will provide a large amount of our customers in Germany with the latest voicemail capabilities," said Heiko Hofmann, Head of Network Services at Telefónica Deutschland. "This new solution will help us to increase customer satisfaction, through the simplification of the management of voicemail services and the IT environment that supports them, as well as being able to provide additional capacity to meet peaks in voicemail demand as required."

The voicemail solution is based on Unisys’ Voicemail Solutions (VMS) software and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Unity All flash disk arrays – as part of the companies’ strategic partnership, while the whole data processing will be handled via Telefónica’s infrastructure in Germany.

Jose Ramon Trave, commercial sector director for telecoms and financial services, Unisys, said, "Over the last 25 years, Unisys has developed a deep understanding of Telefónica’s business and has become a trusted partner. The latest version of our platform is designed to deliver both operational and financial benefits, but also to futureproof its voicemail capabilities for Telefónica customers. In the near future, the platform will enable secure new features not only from Unisys, but from different vendors, including connection with social networks and IoT devices."

In 2019, FOCUS Money recognized Telefónica Deutschland with its Digital Champion Award for the telco sector and the F.A.Z.-Institut named the company Germany’s innovation leader. In addition to innovation, Telefónica Deutschland is committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction and it now manages more than 45 million connections – under the core brand O2 as well as several secondary and partner brands such as Blau, AY YILDIZ, Ortel Mobile, Aldi Talk and Tchibo mobil – no other company connects more people to mobile communications in Germany.