Press Release

The Turbo WiFi solution from Telekom Slovenije provides an excellent wireless connection across the whole apartment, house or business premises. A well as in the garden.

Telekom Slovenije has launched a new solution – the Turbo WiFi, which provides outstanding wireless internet network coverage in apartments, houses and business premises. Turbo WiFi solves the issue of providing excellent wireless network coverage across all the nooks and corners of apartments, multi-level houses and business premises due to the distance from the modem or physical obstacles (thick or reinforced concrete walls), including penthouses, cellars and gardens. The Turbo WiFi solution provides the best user experience by combining a state-of-the-art modem and a repeater which form a WiFi Mesh network, while automatic switching between WiFi channels means that the solution is able to identify network congestion, and automatically switch to the least occupied channel that provides the best signal. This ensures the highest data transfer rates, even above 1 Gbps.

Turbo WiFi is also suitable for apartments in high-rise buildings and multi-story houses where users have poor coverage and lower data rates due to a large number of overlapping and interfering networks. Users can simply manage the settings of their local WiFi network with a mobile app that also shows which devices are connected to the network. This allows users to activate or deactivate internet access remotely with a simple click, a solution often requested by parents who want to ensure their children have a secure and monitored internet access.

The Turbo WiFi solution is includes the AVM FRITZ!Box modem and FRITZ!WLAN repeater.
This service is available to both residential and business users.

About Telekom Slovenije
Telekom Slovenije is a comprehensive communications service provider in Slovenia. It is recognized as the leader in the introduction and connection of new generations of mobile and fixed communication services, system integration and cloud computing services and multimedia content.