Press Release

FarrPoint, market leading experts in digital connectivity, IT strategy, networks & infrastructure are working with Total Telecom to deliver an insightful webinar on local bodies & connectivity.

The investment in digital infrastructure will continue across the UK to support this essential driver for the future success of our economy, but current levels of investment suggest a purely returns based, rather than social, model. This may be short sighted from a UK plc position as key benefits require a normalisation of service for all. There is tacit acceptance that:
• Digital connectivity is essential to creating a better society.
• Digital inclusion can help people gain employment, become more financially secure and improve health and well-being.
• Digital connectivity is essential to fulfilling the potential of innovative technologies that will change how we work, spend our leisure time and run our public services.

But the reality is demand for connectivity in areas where geography, logistics or economics – or a combination of all three – make it difficult. Which is why local government and local bodies need to do more to develop, facilitate and implement local connectivity within their communities.

In this webinar Darren Kilburn, Principal Consultant from FarrPoint and Tracey Sheehan, Head of Telecommunications at the law firm Hill Dickinson, will discuss the role of local councils and bodies and how they can commit to creating viable community infrastructure programmes within their local area.
Tracey Sheehan - Hill Dickinson and Darren Kilburn - FarrPoint
Discussion will cover:
• Demand aggregation
• Models of investment
• Partnerships
• UK Government interventions (including USO)

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM BST.