Press Release

Ahead of the GDPR deadline this Friday (May 25), Telenor Sweden, a Scandinavian multinational telecommunications company, have seen market leading results for GDPR Consent, working with Wiraya, a managed mobile customer activation firm, to ensure future compliance and improved customer experience.

As part of an ongoing campaign to seek GDPR consent from customers, Telenor Sweden has already achieved significant success;

“Through Wiraya Consent we reached over 96,7% of our customers with the info about GDPR and collected a valid consent from 39,95% of our customers. I am really impressed with the method and can recommend it to every company that aim to be GDPR Compliant” – Anna Lindsjö, Head of Customer Communication Management, Telenor Sweden.

Through Wiraya, the company uses a hybrid of mobile communication methods and a multichannel approach, tailored to each customer by their communication preferences, all aimed at boosting conversion.

“By starting with a personalised phone call, customers quickly and easily can understand the importance of being in control of their data”, said Sam Madden, UK Director at Wiraya. “Based on how the customer interacts with this call they receive a text message with simple next steps’. The most effective text messages include a personalised link for the customer to simply update details and consent to the use of their data. This Mobile Customer Activation solution has seen a rapid increase in inspiring action from customers compared to traditional communication methods.”

Additionally, as part of GDPR service providers need to make sure customers get confirmation of the channels they’ve opted into, as well as a way to update them in the future.

Madden concludes, “Getting customer consent wrong could mean far more than huge fines for your business, it could mean losing all trust and credibility with your customer base. It could mean losing your edge to competitors. The successful campaign we are running with Telenor makes it clear that how brands seek this consent will be crucial.”