Press Release

The Curtain Room is an interior design business that provides quality soft furnishings in the form of curtains, upholstery and blinds. The business operates from Easingwold, Yorkshire. Upholstery is carried out in the company’s studio near York, with an interiors consultant based in London. Although operating from a single base in North Yorkshire, The Curtain Room portrays itself as offering a local service across the region with all the ‘feel good’ factor that engenders.

As a small business operating in a very competitive market, The Curtain Room sees the relationships it forges with customers as vitally important to its continued success. Its approach is to take time to understand clients’ needs and desires, which avoids the ‘hard sell’ approach.

Partnering for efficient customer service

The business has a flexible working policy, with many employees working from home. With this in mind, it’s still vital that, to maintain its high levels of customer satisfaction, all customer calls are answered promptly. This means having a secure, reliable telephony system in place.

The Curtain Room has been using TeleWare solutions for over ten years. The Curtain Room business really took off in 2007, which meant it needed to invest in new communications technology. TeleWare implemented a cloud communications platform which enabled The Curtain Room to take advantage of ‘big company’ telephony features, including TeleWare Communication Manager. Whilst avoiding the need to purchase any hardware – an important consideration for any small business.

Building a local presence

Being a regional business but wanting a local image, TeleWare provides The Curtain Room with multiple local telephone numbers directed to a single number, enabling the company to promote itself in different geographic areas with a local number for each area.

All incoming calls are automatically routed through to the retail outlet, workshop, office or staff mobile phones. On answering each call, a whispered announcement informs staff of the caller’s location, based on the number called. It is very rare for customers of The Curtain Room to find themselves talking to an unmanned answering machine. TeleWare Communication Manager connects customers to the right area of the business and ensures calls are answered promptly.

TeleWare solutions allow The Curtain Room to run a busy service, whilst effectively maintaining its reputation for excellent customer service. The use of multiple geographic numbers allows the company to portray itself as having a ‘local presence’ within regular regional advertising campaigns.

Expanding the business

The Curtain Room recently moved premises due to the expansion of the company. Demonstrating its partner philosophy, TeleWare worked hard to ensure a seamless transfer of its telephony services, meaning all staff and departments kept the same numbers. Without any disruption.

Melanie Casling, founder of The Curtain Room, comments: “It has been such a delight to work with TeleWare over the last decade. With TeleWare’s help, our business has transformed from a small start up to something much greater. Efficient customer service is at the very core of our business, something we have been able to achieve with TeleWare installing multiple geographic numbers and keeping our communications technology running.”