Press Release

Telia Carrier announced today that it has added a new Point of Presence (PoP) at Digital Realty’s campus in Richardson, TX in order to provide a broader reach within Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL®, a first of its kind global data center platform for scaling digital businesses for customers throughout the US and into Europe. The recent addition in Richardson is the latest in a six-month expansion with Digital Realty data centers with PoPs established in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL. These sites provide customers more options to directly connect to Telia Carrier’s number one Internet backbone (AS1299), reducing the need to backhaul traffic, and improve latency.

The Richardson Campus location includes eight buildings and over 100MW of power and includes a mix of enterprise, content and hyperscaler customers. Telia Carrier provides Terabit scale diverse connectivity options to the campus as part of a new DWDM deployment connecting from east coast to west coast. Along the route Telia Carrier provides new connectivity options and diversity to other Digital Realty campus areas in Ashburn, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Multiple transatlantic routes also extend from the US to serve sites throughout Europe.

"We are seeing unprecedented growth in demand and multi-regional presence is more important than ever. With the addition of Telia Carrier in these locations, we provide more choice to better service Digital Reality’s customers globally,” said Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business and Network Development, Telia Carrier. “Our new PoPs allow users to connect directly to Telia Carrier at scale, providing high-quality local connectivity to the global ecosystem of content, collaboration, applications and cloud services that trust our AS1299 Internet backbone."

The new PoP additions in Richardson, Los Angeles and Chicago bring the total to 39 Digital Realty sites connected by Telia Carrier across the US and Europe, and with campus connections, over 90 sites altogether.

"Digital Realty is actively supporting the industry’s shift to a data-centric architecture and is evolving its interconnection capabilities with an updated roadmap for PlatformDIGITAL®. This means that by continuing to expand Telia Carrier PoPs across our portfolio of data centers we enable enterprises to dramatically accelerate their digital transformation," says Tony Bishop, SVP, Platform, Growth and Marketing at Digital Realty.

Businesses can now take advantage of Telia Carrier’s number one ranked global backbone, AS1299, as well as the local availability of high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, DDoS Mitigation, Ethernet and IPX services for operators, content providers and enterprises alike.