Australian service provider Telstra has unveiled its T25 strategy that focuses on facilitating 5G coverage across Australia, as well as enhancing its customer service. The T25 strategy is likely to come into effect by July 2022.

The new plan will build on the operator’s previous T22 strategy, which stressed deploying a digital services portfolio and streamlining the company’s operations. The T25 approach will undertake further restructuring to drive efficiencies. It aims to bring down the telco’s annual fixed costs by US$366 million. This is on top of the US$1.98 billion cost reduction committed for T22.

"T22 has been one of the largest, fastest and most ambitious transformations of a telco globally and today we are a vastly different company. This means we are poised for growth as our society and economy increasingly digitises and we all work, study, transact and get our entertainment online. These fundamental shifts, together with T25, will underpin our future growth and shareholder value. If T22 was a strategy of necessity, T25 is a strategy for growth," stated Telstra CEO Andrew Penn.

The operator noted that it plans to further invest in 5G and aims to increase the reach of its 5G network – from the current 75% of the population to 95% population coverage. Telstra plans to double its metro cells to increase density for greater capacity and speed over the next three to five years. This would mean that around 80% of the mobile traffic will be on 5G by the end of FY25. Telstra launch 5G services last year and already covers 75% of Australia’s population.

"We will have extended our 4G coverage to 100 per cent of our network by FY24, enabling us to continue to lead in composite coverage, speed, and performance for 4G and 5G as we close 3G. This will set us up well for early planning on 6G which will clearly be on the agenda by the end of T25," says Penn.

As part of T25, Telstra will focus on strengthening its customer relationships. Telstra will leverage its one of the largest retail footprints in the country, 24/7 digital shops and its mobile network to realize the vision of T25. To build optimal customer service, the service provider will use latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Telstra are shortlisted for the 5G Implementation Award for the 2021 World Communication Awards – DOWNLOAD the shortlist here