Press Release

New Q4 2020 research from leading online guided selling engine, 15gifts, has highlighted large shifts in consumer mobile phone decision-making behaviour in Q4 2020 compared to last year. Key findings include a significant increase vs 2019 in the number of repeat visits made to enterprise telco sites before purchase over the Black Friday weekend – the ‘Black Friday Waiting Game’, highlighting how cautious telco consumers have become this year.

On average, a consumer made 2.5 trips to a telco site before purchase on Black Friday and 3.7 on Cyber Monday. This compares to 1.4 on Black Friday in 2019 (representing a 79% increase) and 1.7 on Cyber Monday 2019 (a 118% increase).

Although more cautious in their decision-making, consumers were also more committed to buy once they found the right phone package. Conversion rates for consumers seeking assistance from the 15gifts guided selling engine were much higher than in 2019 – up by 129% on Black Friday and 125% on Cyber Monday.

They also entered the buying process with around 10% higher planned budgets over the sale period than average – £37 a month on Black Friday and £36 on Cyber Monday vs an average comparable day of £33.

15gifts’ research is based on analysis of millions of buying interactions though its engine – across leading enterprise telco sites including Vodafone, Verizon, Virgin Media, EE and O2 – from the iPhone launches in the autumn through to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

15gifts CEO Tom Cox comments: “Our dive into Q4 buying behaviour has highlighted some very interesting trends. Consumers are undoubtedly more cautious at present, which mirrors our analysis of the impact of covid on telco buying behaviour earlier this year. However they also have stronger intent to purchase the right package and higher budget plans. This highlights the need for telco websites to work harder to instill consumer buying confidence, and make the most of opportunities to boost sales performance in areas such as personalisation, re-marketing and protecting average order values”.

The full research briefing also covers traffic and conversion performance, pre-sale buying expectations, order values and offer bundle trends. It is available at