Press Release

Portsmouth-based The INS Group and Sheffield-based UK AirComms have joined forces to provide RealCap, an exciting new service for the UK telecoms industry. RealCap is a complete site survey solution that has multifunctional uses – the platform is designed to give the stakeholders every tool possible to make informed decisions without the need to deploy teams of people to site thus vastly reducing the end users’ OpEx costs and environmental footprint. This very scalable platform suits all budgets and levels of accuracy with precision to the millimetre

Matt Wilkie, CEO of The INS Group, commented: “This announcement signifies our intent to further cement our position, as the leading Digital Twin solutions provider, into the UK market space. “

“The impact of COVID accelerated an immediate change of mindset. We had to adapt and work smarter and utilise technologies the industry had never used before. Our foresight, innovation and unified collaboration, has now become a reality.”

“This exciting partnership, between The INS Group and UK AirComms, is set to rival all others in Asset Capture, Drone Survey and Design solutions, for the mobile telecom and infrastructure markets offering immediate increases in efficiencies, volume, quality and carbon footprint reduction.”

Bryn Harvey, Managing Director of UK AirComms, added: “It’s been a real pleasure working with the INS?team over the last three years as we have collaboratively developed a full E2E Digital Twin solution.?“

“From the first time I met Matt and his team, it was clear there was a shared vision and desire to create and offer a joint solution into the industry that would create beneficial change for our clients, not only in the way sites are delivered, but with a huge cost saving and a major positive impact on our environment. “

“We have the ability to remotely access any telecom site, make key decisions on future works and store the information in an accessible and safe environment. The INS team have run with this concept and bridged the gap from Capture to Design to create our E2E service known as RealCap”.

UK AirComms have developed the expertise in data capture and the understanding of using the right equipment and drone flight patterns to optimise and harvest the right data from site to provide RealCap. Working closely with INS they have developed their Pilot / surveyors to understand the importance of critical elements of a site survey to allow a seamless transition of RealCap into the design world. They continue to develop and stay at the forefront of the latest technology to further enhance our services and reputation to this industry.

The INS Group have built a team around the RealCap solution and used their extensive knowledge to bridge the gap from Digital Twin Technology into the design space. Understanding the clients’ requirements across the full life cycle of a site they have given the insights from a design perspective to help shape RealCap into what it is today. Not only understanding digital twin technology but to be able to drive it and utilise it in a way that benefits the clients is their core strength and has delivered record breaking results in delivery.

Further details are available on, on their social media pages.