OpenSignal has released its latest report, which ranks the UK’s big 4 MNOs for their network performance across 7 categories

EE has been named as the UK’s best performing mobile network, winning 5 of the 7 performance categories upon which all 4 UK mobile network operators were rated.

The latest edition of OpenSignal’s UK Mobile Network Report revealed that EE was streets ahead of the competition for 4G download speed, clocking an average speed of 28.9Mbps. Vodafone was second with 21.92Mbps, then came Three with 18.78Mbps and lastly O2 with a rather uninspiring 14.61Mbps.

"OpenSignal’s analysis shows EE remains dominant in the UK as the BT-owned operator continues to flex its not-inconsiderable financial and network muscle to outgun the other guys in mobile user experience. But spectrum continues to be a priority, and EE is already refarming some of its 3G spectrum for 4G use.

"With one eye on the upcoming 5G spectrum auction and 5G trials already underway from EE and Vodafone, Ofcom has been fairly vocal about the need for improvement in country’s 4G networks. But the U.K.’s operators need to maintain investment if they hope to meet this need, and the country hopes to keep up with its European peers.

"The U.K. was distinctly mid-table in our recent global analysis of mobile video experience, which ranked countries on a scale of 0-100, taking into account video load time, stalling rates during video playback and picture quality. The U.K. beat some of its neighbours including Germany, France and Italy in our rankings, but came behind others such as Spain, Portugal and Sweden, said Peter Boyland, analyst at OpenSignal. 

As well as their average 4G network download speed, the UK MNOs were ranked on average 3G download speed, Overall download speed, 4G upload speed, the latency of their 3G and 4G networks and 4G availability.

Disappointingly, none of the UK’s 4 MNOs could muster 4G availability rates of 90 per cent or more. EE was the winner of this category, with 86.77 per cent. Three lagged noticeably behind the competition for 4G availability managing a score of just 73.18 per cent.

OpenSignal’s half-yearly report was compiled from over 1.1 billion individual measurements from nearly 77,000 devices. The data was gathered during a 90-day test period from the 1st June 2018.

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