Press Release

Hosted Unified Comms provider, thevoicefactory (tvf) has developed a cyber security solution for its Hosted Telephony and SIP Trunking customers. The SENTRY fraud management service monitors and reports any suspicious activity enabling customers to identify and thwart attacks on their telecoms systems. It is mandatory and free of charge ensuring tvf’s partners and their end customers are protected against fraud.

“Unified Comms (UC) applications such as voice, video, messaging and file sharing are as prone to network attacks as web and data applications. However, businesses tend to focus their security efforts on incoming and outgoing data and neglect real-time communications,” said tvf MD, Paul Harrison. “Attacks can include theft of service, telephony denial-of-service (TDoS), voice phishing, toll fraud and eavesdropping. Cybercriminals are actively targeting cloud platforms which provide diverse attack points for hackers and there has been a rise in attacks using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SENTRY ensures our partners’ customers are not left vulnerable to such attacks.”

SENTRY is based on historical spending patterns and works in two stages: the first triggers alerts showing the average daily spend threshold is being breached, highlighting a potential threat of fraudulent activity or inflated call traffic. The second stage is to lock down the customer group affected by implementing an Outgoing Calling Plan (OCP) profile that will disable further calls to international and UK premium rate destinations.

Neil Tolley, managing director, Fourteen IP Communications Ltd said: “SENTRY gives me and my customers in the hotel trade peace of mind. We have already seen instances of SENTRY doing its job when it has alerted us to a high spend by hotel guests and internal users calling long distance and premium numbers. In these instances we have been able to swiftly forewarn the hotel and verify the call with the users. We know businesses that have been victims of PBX and SIP hacking and with SENTRY in place we can be certain that if a hack does take place it will be quickly identified and locked down.”

SENTRY is live, running 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year to ensure partners and their end customers are protected against fraud.