Press Release

IoT connectivity provider Thingstream and IoT integration expert Bright Wolf have launched the world’s first end-to-end IoT button solution.

Connecting exclusively to Thingstream’s Global Connectivity Network via GSM technology, the buttons, which are a little bigger than a USB stick, pass small payloads of information securely to Bright Wolf’s ZipLine, a unique, instant-on visual IoT data management application.

Bright Wolf’s ZipLine provides a visual interface for adding business context and notifications at scale, including flexible integrations with existing enterprise workflows, public cloud infrastructure and services (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform), and back-end enterprise systems.

This solves many of the challenges associated with gathering data observed in the field, providing reliable connectivity, security, and ubiquity to create a more streamlined data collection and management solution.

“Global enterprises can use ZipLine for ‘Repair, Replenish, and Report’ scenarios across a wide variety of industries, but until now they’ve been restricted to Wi-Fi enabled environments due to the connectivity limitations of previous IoT buttons in the market,” explains Marc Phillips, Director of Marketing at Bright Wolf. “The most consistent feedback we’ve received around ZipLine is the need for a device with reliable connectivity in the field.

“The Thingstream IoT button is exactly what businesses have been looking for. Together, Bright Wolf’s ZipLine and the Thingstream IoT button provides the simplest and most adaptable solution to gathering data in any environment around the world,” continues Phillips.

The technology enables industrial applications to provide a secure and direct link between real world events and enterprise systems, completing the reporting, replenishment, and repair loops no matter where the object is located.

The button connects via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), universally available via Thingstream’s global roaming M2M SIM, enabling full connectivity from almost anywhere in the world without the need for Wi-Fi, cellular data or SMS.

“Having a button which works practically anywhere on the planet is pretty cool,” comments Neil Hamilton, VP of Business Development at Thingstream. “However, being able to easily link a ‘press’ to automatically notify an existing facilities management application that something needs attention, or create a service call record in Salesforce automatically is really powerful. We believe that ZipLine will unlock huge potential in these areas.”